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Pool Construction Process

Below you will find details on the different phases of the construction process and what you can expect during each phase.


Layout / Excavation

Once we have approval from the city / county and your HOA, we will have 811 identify underground utilities, mark out the pool on the ground and call in the layout inspection. Once the inspection is completed, we will then bring in a backhoe and complete the excavation. Rocky soils (which most projects will be in our area) will also require additional rock hammers to help assist in the excavation.


Rebar and Plumbing

Once excavation is complete and the form boards are installed, we will install rebar to give the shell of the pool the lateral strength it needs and then install the PVC plumbing. We use 2 1/2" PVC for the suction side plumbing (skimmers and drains) and at least 2" PVC for the return side plumbing.


Pool Shotcrete

Once we pass the pre-pour inspection to make sure that everything is bonded and that all plumbing and measurements are accurate, we will then install the shotcrete in the pool. Shotcrete is the concrete shell of the pool that will give the pool its tremendous strength and final shape and is blown in at almost 80 miles an hour! The shotcrete stiffens up in a matter of hours but takes at least 7 days of water curing (keeping the shotcrete wet) to reach the desired strength.

Pool Masonry Work

Once the pool shell is water cured, we will then waterproof the inside of the pool, float (level and smooth) the are for tile and coping and then install the waterline tile and the coping (stone work on top of the pool and spa walls). If you have an elevated spa or elevated wall, the team will also build these items at that time.

IMG_0321 (1).JPG

Patio Work

After the pool masonry work is complete, we will then start on forming up, adding rebar and backfill and then pouring the concrete patio or installing the patio that you have chosen.

Additional Structures

Once the patio is complete and cured, we then add on any additional structures to your project such as pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc.


Hook Up Equipment / Electrical

This can happen at different phases of the project, but we will hook up the plumbing and electrical to the pool equipment and other structures and test everything as we get ready to finish up the pool.

Pool Plaster

One of the final steps for the pool is to install the interior material (Quartzscapes, Stonescapes, Jewelscapes, etc.). It takes about a 1/2 day to install the plaster material, then the next day the team comes out to acid wash (expose the aggregate) and clean up the pool and start filling it with water.



As we get ready to close out the project, we finish out the yard by fixing irrigation, installing sod / turf, landscape and landscape lights and final clean up.

Start up / Punch List

Right before close out of the project, we will work with you to ensure we complete all items to your satisfaction and quality. We will test all features and document all features, pressures, label all pipes and systems.

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MicrosoftTeams-image (58) (1).png

Owner to Owner Walkthrough

Once the project is complete and all punch list items have been done, we will conduct an owner to owner walk through with you of the project, make sure that we answer all questions you have have and hand you the keys (figuratively) to your new outdoor living space.

Warranty Visits

Once the project is complete, as part of the warranty process, we will come out every 3 months for the first two years of the warranty period to inspect the project to help catch and resolve minor issues before they can get bigger, and to also make sure that you are still extremely satisfied or answer any questions you may have.

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