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pool replaster georgetown, tx

Is your pool just not feeling the same anymore? Maybe it is getting old or maybe a crack is forming on the bottom. Well it may be time to get your pool replastered. By replastering your pool, you can get it looking just the way it looked when you first installed it and who doesn't want to have that feeling all over again? 

Here at Serenity Pools & Outdoors we take care of the entire process and ensure you will be a very satisfied customer. We will make the pool look aesthetically pleasing once again as well as ensure the structural soundness of the pool can start anew. 

Why wait when you can call us to give you a free consultation on exactly how long it will take to get your pool looking as good as new? You will be surprised with how efficiently get this done for you so you can go right back to hosting those amazing summer parties your kids love to have. Give us a call today!


If you are not only looking for a pool replaster but maybe some of the outside perimeter is looking worn down or your waterfall is no longer cascading the way it used to then our pool refresh service is perfect for you. We take care of any repairs or refurbishing needed to make your pool look well, refreshed!

Being in your pool should be an escape, not a place where you are constantly picking out all the minor mishaps and repairs that need to be fixed. This only creates more stress and problems so give us a call today to take care of the refresh for you. We promise you will be pleased with our work and your pool can finally be that backyard oasis that it used to be. 

There is no better time than now to allow us to help you take care of your pool refresh so allow us to help you take the pain of looking at your pool away and bring serenity into your life again.

pool replaster leander, tx
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