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Pool Care In Freezing Weather

At the beginning of 2021, Texas experienced a terrible freeze that severely damaged thousands of pools. This hard freeze caught most pool owners unaware and not sure about what to do. This document is meant to assist you should a significant freeze event happen again.


If you need urgent assistance, please call us at 512-986-7979 or Chris’ cell at 512-658-4252

Steps to take BEFORE freezing weather happens:

  • Look at your pool equipment and make sure you know where the pool equipment breaker is at, what valves shut off water to the pool equipment and where all the drain plugs are for each piece of equipment (usually on the bottom)

  • Consider covering pool equipment and adding a heat source like a lamp (nothing that will cause a fire)

  • Have a pair of pliers or other tools available that can be used to remove drain plugs

  • Just like house pipes, it is always recommended to have them wrapped and or a heat source available

  • If you have automation on your pool equipment, make sure that freeze setting is where you want it to be and is set up for the right equipment (pool, spa, waterfalls, etc.)

  • If you do not have automation on your pool, you should keep your pump on 24x7 to keep water moving during significantly cold weather to help prevent it from freezing.

  • Autofills / RPZ devices are one of the first things to freeze. Shut off your autofill and any water going to the RPZ. Drain the autofill pipe if possible.


Steps to take DURING a freeze event when you have power:

  • If you have automation on your pool and you have electrical power, the system should keep the pumps running and water flowing. This will help minimize any issues with pipes or equipment freezing.

  • If you do NOT have automation on your pool and you do have electrical power, please ensure that your pump(s) are programmed to run constantly. This will help keep water flowing through the pipes and equipment to minimize issues with freezing.

  • Check system on a regular basis to confirm it is running and water is flowing – check for any leaks.

  • Make sure skimmers are not frozen over – break up ice as needed.


Steps to take DURING a freeze event if you lose power:

  • If you LOSE POWER and are concerned about freezing pipes / equipment, please consider taking the steps below:

    • Shut off breakers to the pool equipment. This will stop the equipment from coming back on when power is restored and possibly causing damage.

    • Close the valves on the pipes that lead to the pool.

    • Remove all the drain plugs on the pool equipment (pumps, filters, UV sanitizers, etc.) and drain the equipment. Save the drain plugs in a safe place so you can reinstall them.

    • Open lids on pumps.

  • Call us (number of first page) and we will talk you through returning your pool to normal operation or we will come out and assist in the process.

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