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Pool Equipment

Below you will find details on what we use for our standard equipment, as well as additional equipment that we can easily install as part of your project. We are a custom builder and if you need or want something, just let us know.


Standard Package

The picture on the left is NOT a standard setup. This is one of the most complex you will see for almost any project. For a standard pool we will install a 3 HP variable speed pump, 420 square foot cartridge filter, EasyTouch PL4 automation system, GloBrite LED color changing lights, 100 watt transformer and auto-chlorinator.



Pool pumps are to a pool / spa as your heart is to your body. It keeps everything circulating. The more complex your project, the more pumps you will most likely need. Most pools only need one or two pumps, but we have installed a system with six pumps.



Filters are like your liver and kidneys. They help keep debris out of your pool and spa. The larger the filter, the more water it can clean and the longer it can go between cleanings. The standard filter is a cartridge filter, but you can select a DE filter or glass filter depending on your needs or experience.

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